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 BiBi en France

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Mr XX121

Mr XX121

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MessageSujet: BiBi en France   Lun 11 Déc - 18:48

Translation Jean Vercors
During the official visit of the Israeli Prime Minister to France this Sunday, December 10, Emmanuel Macron has made a private and off-the-net remarks with Netanyahu whose content I have tried to reproduce as faithfully as possible:
« France is Israel’s friend, we have immense respect for Israel, its democracy, its economic dynamism, its respect for human rights and religious minorities, a glaring exception in the Middle East, its stability then that your neighbors are at war and slaughter each other.
But our Muslim population is gaining ground. We have perhaps 10 or 12 million Muslims in our country, strongly hostile to Israel.
The Gulf States support us financially. They invest heavily in our country: industry, real estate and stock markets. We cannot do without them.
We cannot agree with President Trump’s decision, even though we understand American pragmatism: after all, it is hard to deny that the Knesset, the seat of government, the Supreme Court, the National Bank of Israel, the official residence of the President and yours, are in Jerusalem, that it is in Jerusalem when we go on an official visit , not in Tel Aviv. It is from Jerusalem that you drive the politics of your country, which makes it the effective capital.
We do not deny that it is in Ramallah that President Abbas established his headquarters, and Arafat before him. It is in Ramallah that the PLO, Fatah and all Palestinian administrations have their headquarters, not in East Jerusalem, where they would be perfectly able to do so if they wished, because they know that we and the world would support this decision.
And we are not ignorant of history, Prime Minister: we know for a fact that before 1967, the Palestinians did not claim Jerusalem as their capital – they did not talk more about the creation of a Palestinian state. We know that following the 1948 war, when Jordan took full control of Jerusalem until 1967, neither the Arab League nor the Palestinians made it their capital. Nothing, no one, could stop them.
But we have our hands tied: we receive a large part of our gas from Algeria. We receive our oil from the Gulf countries. We sell arms to Iran and all Arab countries in the region, and have huge contracts with them. We are politically dependent on the EU, which condemned the decision of President Trump. We cannot, do not want to risk all this, to set Brussels back to us, to risk an economic boycott of the Arab nations, for a geographical and political denomination of Jerusalem which, moreover, is contrary to the resolutions of the United Nations.
For this reason, dear Benjamin Netanyahu, we are obliged to publicly denounce the path chosen by my American counterpart, and ask that he reverses his decision.
But you know, I know, we all know he will not change his mind and he will not backtrack: all this is for the public. You also know that on the geopolitical scene, we have relatively little power in the region, apart from our seat and our veto power in the United Nations Security Council, and you know that our statements are largely symbolic and that they do not or cannot hinder you.
We hope that President Trump is right in thinking that resuming peace talks between Palestinians and Israel on the basis of reality on the ground will help peace. There is not much to lose in trying, because negotiations have been stalled for three years, but I cannot, you understand, certainly not declare it publicly. »
BTW: This conversation did not exist. It is fictional … or maybe not? affraid affraid affraid affraid
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BiBi en France
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