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 The swamp is a better scapegoat than Russia

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Mr XX121

Mr XX121

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MessageSujet: The swamp is a better scapegoat than Russia   Mar 1 Aoû - 21:47

Draining the swamp in Washington was the leitmotiv of many outsiders before Donald Trump was elected President.
People always need a scapegoat in time of troubles
In pre-Columbian cultures such as the Mayas in Central America or the Incas in Southern America, children were sacrificed in order to soothe the wrath of their gods. In Northern America, where human sacrifices were forbidden by the Lord after he spared the life of Isaac, the son of Abraham, on Mount Moriah, people had to find another scapegoat.
Freemasonry or Islam could not be scapegoats because of the First Amendment’s protection. As lawsuits are triggered for any venial issue in this country, the swamp is the sole scapegoat, which is politically correct and lawsuit-proof.
The swamp is an ill-defined area that suits everyone
It is an undefined geographic area along the Potomac River, which avoids a pointless confrontation with real-estate agencies whose goal is to keep prices inflated. The Donald is well placed to know that.
Nobody has said that the swamp can be drained if it contains endangered species defined in the eponymous Act of 1973 signed into law by President Richard Nixon (1)
In the Tennessee Valley Authority versus Hiram Hill’s case that SCOTUS ruled in 1978, the judges said that the Tellico dam’s construction was in violation of the Endangered Species Act. Plaintiffs argued that the dam would destroy critical habitat and endanger the population of snail darters. It is a fish whose size does not exceed a hand’s palm.
I let you imagine the uproar of the Green Party candidate Jill Stein if the Donald had said during the campaign that a critically endangered frog or an endangered whooping crane would be sacrificed in draining the swamp.
Rumor says that the swamp along the Potomac River is infested by alligators
First, the threat is baseless, as everybody knows that gators do not lounge in freezing water. Remember artist Emanuel Leutze who has immortalized George Washington crossing the Delaware River filled with ice pack on Christmas night’s 1776 during the American Revolutionary War.
Secondly, that amphibian is not on the endangered list, which is the best excuse.
Thirdly, gator is a convenient scapegoat for another reason. Unlike Teddy bear whose fame came from the hunting party organized for President Theodore Roosevelt in Mississippi’s swamps in November 1902, gator is not an American mascot. Who would frolic with a gator cuddly toy?
Fourthly, it is an antediluvian beast, which appeared about 66 million years ago (number of the Devil) after 99% of species were wiped out  after a giant asteroid hit the Yucatan peninsula. That sole excuse of staying alive in a cataclysmic event is the fortune of the Devil, which is unforgivable for conservative people.
Democrats who are endowed with self-derision, will admit that the rumor of a swamp infested by gators, is a more alluring fairy-tale than the Russian meddling in the presidential campaign.
Democrats who cannot reconcile themselves with the fact that Trump has won the election,  have forgotten rule’s seventh, a biblical number, in the Rules for Radicals established by Saul Alinsky, the godfather of former President Obama. A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag. Don’t become old news.
It seems that US Senator from New York Chuck Schumer has learned it recently, because he said to the Washington Post this weekend, When you lose to somebody who has 40% popularity, you don’t blame other things — Comey, Russia — you blame yourself. (2)
Schumer is the first Democrat to admit publicly that he is fed up of listening Hillary Clinton’s broken record, which is aired endlessly by CNN (Clinton News Network).
If it were not enough, Hillary Clinton’s defeat will be the matter of a book, which will be called What Happened, written by her speech-writer Dan Schwerin, and published by Simon & Chuster. (3) I bet that her book, which will be released on September 12, a year after her dizzy spell at the ceremony held at the memorial of World Trade Center,  will have the same success as the 9/11 conspiracy theory written by French writer Thierry Meyssan.
(1) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endangered_Species_Act_of_1973
(2) http://edition.cnn.com/2017/07/24/politics/schumer-clinton-2016/index.html
(3) http://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/343755-clinton-book-to-double-down-on-russia-comey-message

The Dems and their friends in the media seem to be hellbent to keep beating on that Russian dead horse.
see: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fact-checker/wp/2017/07/28/video-donald-trump-jr-s-contradictory-statements-about-the-russia-meeting/?utm_term=.9d7e497475d4


Scapegoats or real culprits? Trump has been impressive, while Congress has been bogged down (pun fully intended) by one silly thing after another.
I can’t wait until next November: those RINOs need to go. The Dems will fall on their faces again, what with the « master legislator » at the helm. The current chair of the DNC was chosen for one reason, and one reason only: he’s a Hispanic. Other than that, he’s a totally rancid person and he’s totally ineffective. Before they chose him, they considered an American Muslim (I think he was black) but they decided that it was probably too much and the Muslim guy (another rancid person) is just the no. 2.
The master legislator is a black woman, which is probably the reason why they picked her. All appearances, no substance.
Hopefully, you guys will elect a fresh crop of Republicans next year.
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The swamp is a better scapegoat than Russia
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