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 An open letter to Reform Jewry leaders

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MessageSujet: An open letter to Reform Jewry leaders   Sam 8 Juil - 19:05

An open letter to Reform Jewry leaders.
The American Reform Movement has separated itself not only from Israeli Jews who follow real customs and laws of Jewish tradition. The reform movement is a mixture of liberal theology and progressive politics.
Joe Biden and Obamalek knew viciously how to use them against Israel.Reform Judaism does not recognize the divinity of the Torah and the obligation of a Jew to follow Jewish laws (halachah) accordingly.
10 importants facts
1. Let’s start from the beginning. For Reform Jews, the idea of Zionism contradicted almost completely their belief in a universal Judaism. Why is that? The first Reform prayerbook (The Pittsburgh Platform in1885) eliminated references to Jews being in exile and to a Messiah who would miraculously restore Jews throughout the world to the Biblical and historic land of Israel and who would rebuild the Temple of Jerusalem.
The prayerbook eliminated all prayers for a return to Zion.
In Chapter 5 of The Pittsburgh Platform one can read “We consider ourselves no longer a nation, but a religious community, and therefore expect neither a return to Palestine, nor a sacrificial worship under the sons of Aaron, nor the restoration of any of the laws concerning the Jewish state.”
2. Jews in Israel do not recognize “patrilineal descent” as a legitimate determinant of Jewish identity. American Reform does. Like halakhic Jews, recognize Jewish identity through the mother, not the father.
3. Reform movement adopted homosexual marriage, mixed marriages. Their alliance with extremists like « Black Lives Matter » and the entire « social justice » campaign that is increasingly anti-Semitic. Halakhic jews do not allow all the above. American Reform does.
4. Reform Jews recognize the Mosaic legislation, halakhic Jews don’t
5. Reform Jews cannot play politics with the kotel, it is a Halachic Issue and only the Chief Rabbinate of Israel has a word to say. No privilege at the Kotel must be given to a movement, group, institution or sect that will only encourage the division of the Jewish people in Eretz Israel.
6. Stop telling Israel what to do or not to do with Palestinians and how we should make peace with them or building new homes in Judea and Samaria, You don’t live in Eretz Israel and you don’t serve in The IDF.
7. many Progressive reformed Jews support another Palestinian state, “ending the occupation” and eliminating settlements. But a jew (from Judea) cannot occupy his own biblical and historical land. Opposition to settlements only supports Arab terror against – you do not buy the kotel and its holiness with dollars –-
8. Your money can’t dictate Israeli politics at the expense of every single Israeli who is building, developing a flourishing economy and defending his country. Jewish lives matter in Eretz Israel.
9. No nation, no foreigners will ever influence how Israelis citizens decide to protect their children. Come back to the original torah, learn the Love of Zionism like our forefathers did. You do not need to reinvent Judaism, embrace what already exists.
10. We Israelis elected Benyamin Netanyahu because we believe things can only go better, Respect our choice. 70% of American Jews are known to be democrats they voted for Obama and Hilary Clinton who signed an existential threat to our people of allowing Iran a nuclear capability. This a clear evidence of the anti-Israel bias of the left..”
US reform Jewry think money is the answer to everything. Keep your money and learn the love of Zionism, support Israel, for just as their money has not saved the Jews of Europe, it will not protect American Jews from anti-Semitism. Realizing a strong Israel is the protection of all Jews.
The Maharal of Prague quotes Israel’s exile (galut) includes three elements: remoteness from the land, dispersion, loss of independence.
The vocation of Israel is unity.
Reprint or redistribution of this copyrighted material is permitted with the following attribution and link: © Jean Vercors

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An open letter to Reform Jewry leaders
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