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MessageSujet: quest.net   Sam 22 Mai - 19:58

But the issue is different in de how serious he and his regime, but the beginning of love I know you .....

What is online marketing?

Imagine a new book appeared in the United States and is not available in your country and you wanted desperately to buy this book and before you options are only two: to travel and come to this book or buy via the Internet, what would you choose?
Of course via the Internet (network)

However, traditional trade is divided into two main factors:
Factory and the client
And what their product

Imagine a bottle of soda water, the customer buys one and Real, but they produce from the factory at a cost of 20 cents only, What happened to the 80 piastres???

• The factory produces goods with 20 pounds and because the manufacturer wants to promote the product shall work promotional ads for a term not exceeding 15 seconds during which the person gets (player - singer - actor), who paid to advertise on thousands of pounds! The order to the factory to cover the cost of advertising is to increase another 20 cents on the item.

• then the main distributor of receipt of the goods from the factory for distribution to sub-distributors in all countries, and in order to take profit from the main distributor of the distribution process, added 20 cents on the item again.

• The dealer then sub-receipt of goods from the main distributor for distribution to the various shops and markets being added 20 cents to take the other sub-distributor of profit distribution process.

• then the shops and markets, up 20 cents to take profit from the sale.

• notes here from the payment of 80 pts + 20 pts??? The answer is Zubowoon.

• come here aware of direct marketing and says what the customer pays the 80 pts (the cost of advertising, distributors, and shops)??? , You increased the size of the bottle??? Do you have increased the amount of sugar in them??? The answer is no, then why the movement of goods from propaganda to the distributor to the shops and markets, and we can do to cancel these intermediaries and make the deal directly from the factory to the customer and the customer to the factory, but instead of exiting the bottle to 20 cents from the factory, but graduated to 40 pounds and benefit the customer by 60 pounds to return him!

Do you make propaganda in your life?
The answer is yes

But I can say with confidence that all people are doing propaganda in their lives everyday!

For example, opened a new restaurant and went to try it, and then found that the food whet very favorable price and service very good

What do you do when he graduated from the restaurant?

You will tell your family and your relatives and friends that there is a new restaurant and start explaining Mmesiath many, and of course your friends have the owners of others as well, spreading the restaurant between several people in a very short time, and here you find that in another year you have publicized verbal to the restaurant, among hundreds of people and thousands of pounds profit the restaurant and all this because of you, without you know!

But does take you a bit of behind it???

Is the owner of the restaurant and Harkk a percentage of the profits???

Notes, and here we are in our daily lives We incorporate a lot of money to institutions and many companies because of our propaganda oral without getting anything!

And here comes the company which I came to talk about with you and say: If you are a student continues in the studying and if you are an employee continues in the job, but your propaganda oral natural to you always, and here Scharkk company a percentage of the profits

What is this company???

Quest int ltd

Is Brazil's team followed the 2006 World Cup???

Was the official sponsor for this company! Quest

The company also with:

 The United Nations (FAO).

 International Federation of Football, the International Olympic Committee, the International Badminton Federation.

 Central Bank of Oman, Government of Malta, the Government of Bhutan, the Government of Ethiopia, the Vatican (the Pope).

 Microsoft (service provider to Quest Net).

Meyer  Mint (the largest in Europe owned by Quest International).

 HSBC / KLM / UNICEF / HP / British Airways customers are Quest Technologies Partner Etran.

 Quest Net's largest e-commerce in Asia.

• The company was established in 1998 and headquartered in Hong Kong.

• started with a capital of ten million dollars, and reached profitability in the 2006 statistics to one billion dollars.

• customer began to zero, the number of subscribers now to 4.8 million subscribers and has a 2000 Signup daily.

What are the products of Quest net??

1 - rare commodities:

The company is the production of Swiss watches and rare coins and gold made, but she deals with the protection of rare objects so that the organization is given to the company to ensure that does not any other company to produce such goods and give the company also ensure that the organization that does not re-manufacture of these goods again to become These items of goods are scarce.

2 - health commodities:

Such as the Biodisc
Biodisc a glass disc consists of 13 metal and its 7 energy centers, whose primary function: the organization of molecules of liquids, which means, when the passage of water which is to send vibrations to organize the molecules of liquids become the preferred bidder to retain all its uneasy when you drink this water Balentash, energy, and when you are using it down the organized your blood circulation more active brain cells, more and more, and has other features:

 absorbs the nicotine from cigarettes.
 regulates the electricity in the brain.
 helps regulate the heart rate.
 help alleviate the pain and rheumatism Alscalr and back.
 in the water affects the re-installation of mineral salts.
 strengthens the immune system.
 absorb the negative energies on the body.
 affect the fruit and foods.

3 - Quest Vacations:

Quest Vacation International, received the award golden crown of joint ownership of Resorts International, the largest vacation exchange in the world.

Holiday dreams around the world through the ownership of vacation!!

Seven groups are available:

• Discovery Plus
• Gold Membership
• Platinum membership
• Diamond Membership
• Quest Vacation International Property
• Pearl of the Andaman Island 1
• The Pearl of the Andaman Island 2


• Suite 5 stars fully furnished kitchen
• use with your family or Give it to your friends
• used a year in advance or in front of the devil
• wages
• Recommend the
• replace it at any time and replace it anywhere

Group Alkwyst Vacation:

• Quest Vacation Resorts International.
• Iilijans Kurt, Bangkok.
• Royal Patong.
• Kondomenyum, Phuket.

4 -: Quest telecoms

Quest Net Company has In-Voice is a company and be given discounts on international call from 40% to 95% depending on the place and space.

Action plan

When you buy any product could be with him a gift, a gift we give to luxury products for Qwest is a global investment opportunity free of charge.

I've briefly introduced products company Quest Net Astronomy luxury you the right to choose if you want to buy the product only, or buy and take advantage of the investment opportunity.

Investment is an opportunity for you short you view the commodity and investment opportunity to the customer and company here gives you a percentage of the profit of the product, your right in the publicity oral and direct marketing, which I did.

Is a free investment opportunity because it gives a gift to the product.

Is a global opportunity because you can work at any time and anywhere.

Business Requirements

 purchase a product / service for once.
 need two people to start.
 There is no time frame to bring the assignment.
 Low skill required.
 work for any one, help is available.
 evaluate and choose where you win.
 world.
 Work at your own pace.
 Support for your monthly income - residual income and income without the participation.
 legacy: You can register the name of the successor if anything happened to your partners continue to work, and shift the money to the name of the successor.

Once Active participation and buy the product become an agent of an independent company (IR) (independent representative) and opens you to the Office of the (virtual office) in your account (your account) and you username and password, of course, your special.

The system of Quest Baksmk machine halves: right and left system Basmy Binary system

When you bring two people to Quest Net (through a broker - to buy goods) become an active member of Quest Net activated.

A & B of course, they also wanted to take advantage of the opportunity who shall bring two people A and B. as well as

And bringing on your right hand on your left 3 and 3 and here take Amoltk and a value of 250 dollars, this system is Quest Net commissions: 3 Right 3 Left = 250 dollars.

Account and are organized through a system of commission sessions, each session consisting of 6 steps:

(1) The system calculates the Quest Net 3 right 3 left 250 dollars.

(2) If every member of the three to bring two people, it has become our 6 new people in both sides (right and left), and of course comes to mind 6 people = 500 dollars, you're right, but is programmed into the system OK Net b 3 and their multiples any 3 Maine 3 left in Step 2 = 250 dollars and

(3) 3 Right 3 Left = 250 dollars in step 3 ..

(4) This made the total number of persons 9 persons on both sides, if every one of the nine people to bring only one person, we had 9 new people on both sides who shall regime Quest Net calculates 3 right 3 left = 250 USD in step 4 and ...

(5) 3 right 3 left 250 dollars in step 5 and ......

(6) 3 right 3 left in step 6 it is supposed to give you 250 dollars, but the system gives Quest Net in step 6 = 10 selling points are collected at each session and take new BayehElDin commodity ... (Example): 100 points = a Swiss clock, a rare ...

Flanqom assuming you are with us in the Quest Net and want to imagine a small study found it, how much time you want so that it can bring two people come into contact ???????? A week?? Two weeks??? Let me tell you an entire month! Let us imagine the work up to 6 months ...

Month 1: You are where you bring two people.

Month 2: every one to bring two people, bringing the total number of people = 3 right 3 left = 250 dollars.

Month 3: every one of the two new to bring two people, we have got 4 new people on both sides (left and auspicious), and his Quest Net system calculates the 3 right 3 left 250 dollars and leaves a person the right and left of the person.

Month 4: If everyone of the four new people to bring two people will become our people 8 + people remaining month 3 becomes our 9 people on both sides = 3 | 9 = 3, 3 * 250 = 750 $

Month 5: If everyone of the eight new people to bring two people will become our 16 people, and his Quest Net system calculates the three and complications, and so 3 | 15 = 5, 5 * 250 = 1250 $
6 months: If every one of the 16 people to bring two people that we can have 32 new people + one remaining = 33, 3 | 33 = 11, 11 * 250 = 5250 $

Here notice that the pleasure of this type of direct marketing you are after a period of work to make your large number come into contact with and keeps growing because if you have 100 people come into contact with an example and If everyone of the hundred by bringing in other persons, or let's say one person will become your a large number of new people and too many commissions, but this comes after the time and effort like any other work is free software ..

Comes at a certain point and you Kalshhr sixth 33 people and at this point going network and profits on the rise because the following month you become a man, then 63 126 people and so on ...

What has been described is called (indirect commissions) and is what comes bumper profit as I saw, there are also (Alenbashrp commissions) and is 30 dollars for each one of you who attended directly.

As we have stated that this type of work is part time work or study next to the basic ...

I work 2-4 hours a day to reach good results and as you know also that the results are different from the person to the other ...

The most beautiful in this type of work when you subscribe to tags that Hnaak working group will identify it and we as a team, work together and help each other, and we can help you by:

• provide you with training materials in order to learn the company before beginning work and the training material is a training CD which teaches people they founded the Quest Net.

• Identify team work and work together and presenting what is new to you.

What is required for success:
 Take it seriously and follow the rules given to you.
 Use the time available you have to start with.
 Share information with your team and other people.

Interesting also in the side of Quest Net money it helps you to find new friends and gain new knowledge, skills and find useful in your life.

Is the collection of funds and benefits weekly or monthly: -
 U.S. dollar checks.
 by replacing the value of the cash value of a financial card. (E-CARD)
 Visa Card.

This Link to Video Welcome to Quest Net, a video is very important and translator of a 30-minute by the lecturer, director and Chairman of the training company and summarized its importance in clarifying many aspects very Company that are not mentioned here, and introduce the most important aspects of the company, which should identify them .
To participate by the following number HZ552283, or number HZ552255
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