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 Gaza : negotiate with Hitler?

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Mr XX121

Mr XX121

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Gaza : negotiate with Hitler? Empty
MessageSujet: Gaza : negotiate with Hitler?   Gaza : negotiate with Hitler? EmptySam 3 Jan - 19:53

The transcendental superiority of Hamas is non-negotiable. A temporary truce might be negotiated but the basic goal of Hamas is non-negotiable for a simple reason: it is not determined by them. By who then? If we take them seriously, by an entity they call “Allah” who demands submission in heaven and on earth. Does not the chant of the Muezzin permit the rising and setting of the sun? And with whom should Hamas negotiate? The “unbelievers” who, according to their holy book, have perverted the divine word? This sort of thing, to say nothing of the Hamas charter, is never mentioned when the dead babies are shown on TV. Nor is it mentioned that Hamas soldiers live with their families as human shields—while firing rockets at random, since any Jew, man, woman or child, is a “military target”.

Israel’s repost, you say, should be proportional? Israël should shoot an equal number of rockets, aimed at random? And why cannot the solution be military? It was with Hitler. Had a place like Gaza been on the French or English border in 1914 or 1940 it would have been wiped out in a few minutes, and that would be that. And never mind how Russia or China treat their neighbors today. If Hamas had the means, is this not exactly what they, or their Iranian financiers, would do?

Why should Alsace be part of France rather than of Germany? And Corsica, the Basque country, Flanders, Scotland, North Ireland? Why is Israel reproached for accepting the partition of 1948, when the Balfour declaration envisaged that Jordan also be part of Israel? Was this not moderate, proportional, realistic and even generous? Why did the Arabs refuse that partition, when Israel was so much smaller and did not have all Jerusalem? Why are the Jews alone criticized for their part is this history? And the 800,000 Jews driven out of North Africa and various middle eastern countries after 1948—though they were there prior to the Arab invasion of the 7th century—why are they never mentioned? Why only the Palistinian refugees, when it was Arab leaders who urged them to leave Israel to avoid being killed in the war they launched?

Gaza is open to the sea. It has a border with Egypt and Israel. If it wanted peace it could have prosperity too. But Hamas will not negotiate, it will only work towards the destruction of Israel and transform its people into human weapons. Neutral

[1] Director of political science research, with the department of teaching and research at the University of Lyon III, Lucien SA Oulahbib is also a novelist and an internet editorialist. Most recent work: Nature et politique, l'Harmattan, 2008.
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Gaza : negotiate with Hitler?
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